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Three Months at Riot!

It's been three months at Riot, and time is flying! It feels really good to get to apply experimental psychology in an extremely agile game industry setting. Fitting studies into the sprint-based development approach of the industry is pretty interesting. Lots of rapid work alongside more long-term planned exploration.

Unfortunately, working at Riot also means that my work has to stay under wraps again. While I'm continuing to work on publications for studies I conducted before I came to Riot, I'll soon have to go through a bit of a dry spell, science-publication wise.

And now: Riot

I'm working at Riot now. And so far it is pretty amazing. There is nothing better than being surrounded by enthusiastic, talented people. Work is best when it is not work.

Oops! Guess we're moving.

What? Didn't you just get to NYC, Davin?

Yes, well... Riot Games has offered me a position running a user research lab. They're the best, so off we go. Next stop: Santa Monica, CA.

That Morbid Machine

For the past few weeks Rebecca and I have been working on writing submissions for Machine of Death volume 2. The deadline has hit and our submissions are now in for review. Some of you have asked about reading it, so here's your chance! It was a lot of fun to write, and I have to thank Brian, Lindsay, and Rebecca for their great feedback during the writing process. I decided to go a slightly different route and take what I know (science writing for academic journals) and apply it to the Machine of Death premise. Telling a story through a very formal scientific writing style is very tricky. The true narrative here is between the reader and the ideas. In some ways the trappings of the style got in the way of that. But I think there's some fun stuff here. Give it a read and see what you think!

Broadening the Skillset

After moving to NYC, I got busy learning how to do some new things. In particular, I'm working on learning Unity so that I can prototype game ideas. Exciting! But until I get more done, not particularly exciting to write about. Hang in there, Internet.

MaxFunCon is also coming up. Why not learn how to do some Improv from the fantastic Jordan Morris? More skills! Level up! Hit points! MANA!

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